Changing The Way Live Streaming Is Created, Discovered and Viewed

Introducing StreamSearch LIVE – Live Streaming Video Production Tools and Stream Engine™

A search engine enabling the discovery of live streaming content on a global and universal basis – totally focused on live streams

Of the respondents who accessed five or more streaming services, a whopping 80% said they wished there was a “universal search” feature that allowed them to find content across multiple streaming services

Too many streaming services? Viewers overwhelmed by choice (

We Provide the Tools to Perfect Live Streaming

We offer the technical tools, expertise and work processes to produce live original video programs, series, features, segments, and feeds at one tenth the current average television program cost by building networks of stream directors and streamers.

We provide media companies, online publishers, and mobile carriers the ability to add live streaming search to their consumer offerings and/or back-office operations by licensing our stream engine with content filters and other customized features at a range of levels from advertising revenue sharing to basic subscription to highly specialized service contract.

Our Production Tools Harness the Power of Smartphone Users Around the World to Create Dynamic Live Streaming Content for Any Platform!

Stream Directors Dashboard

Serves as the principal management tool for professional Stream Directors to recruit, train, assign, direct, and rank Streamers; and oversee assigned live video production projects.

Streamers App

Enables users at the consumer level to capture and transmit broadcast quality live video footage to Live Stream Edit Consoles for editing by professional Stream Directors.

Live Stream Edit Console

Ingests multiple live streams from Streamers participating in production projects for Stream Directors to edit in real time and output in each project’s required format.

Genre Based

We help our customers succeed with live streaming that will reinvent these genres in dynamic ways for new generations of viewers

News | Sports | Music | Comedy

Our Search Tool Enables the Instant Discovery of Live Streaming Content Universally from Any Origination Point on the Internet

Stream Engine

Facilitates agnostic universal search and discovery of live streams on a global basis regardless of originating platform or formatting.

Current Problems

  • Untrained live videographers
  • High cost live video production
  • Randomness of user generated live
  • No live streaming search mechanism
  • Incompatibility of pros and amateurs
  • Absence of live collaboration projects
  • Lack of live field production resources
  • Lack of remote live synced editing tools
  • Limitations of single camera production

Our Solutions

  • Systematic live video training
  • Low cost live production
  • Coordinated multi-camera video shoots
  • Proprietary live streaming search engine
  • Precisely directed user generated content
  • Innovative live DUGC news, sports, comedy and music
  • Access to global live streaming crews on demand
  • Integration protocols within unique infrastructure
  • Console for switching, adding graphics, mixing audio

Why StreamSearch Live

  • Save up to 90% on live programming costs (based on average TV productions)
  • Add value to B2C & B2B platforms with the universal stream engine to discover live streams on a global basis
  • Access to an enormous global workforce of live streamers
  • Capture & direct live footage for news, sports, music, comedy & events
  • Acquire footage from multiple, simultaneous, camera angles
  • Edit on-the-fly with the stream director’s edit console
  • Avoid costly deployments & maintenance of local field production personnel
  • Deliver live streaming events to market fast
  • Attract younger audiences with novel live DUG video productions
  • Create new revenue streams

About Us

StreamSearch LIVE, the primary service of StreamSearch, Inc., provides media and telecommunications companies with a unified and scalable system of tools and processes for developing, discovering, and redistributing innovative live video content offerings.

StreamSearch LIVE enables commercial users of its Streamers App™, Stream Directors Dashboard™, Live Stream Edit Console™, Stream Engine™, and associated training procedures and business practices to harness the power of live streaming.

Our Team