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Our Mission:

“StreamSearch connects consumers to all the best LIVE content on any network from any device”

StreamSearch, patent pending, reinvents itself and sets out to create a new media platform leveraging live internet video transmissions. We intend to help define this infant industry. Founded in 1999, funded with $32 Million, now relaunched with the best of the old, an optimized new and a dash of futuristic. Many of the original team members, who went off to run ventures of their own, have rejoined the company in its rejuvenated mission. We have also set out to put the .LIVE extension on the map as the .com’s have become stagnant. “If It Moves, It’s .LIVE,” is our intention. LIVE has just begun and StreamSearch is uniquely positioned to be a dominant player in the space.

Our Team

Founded in 1999, StreamSearch established itself as, The Remote Control of the Web: the Internet’s most comprehensive source for audio and video. The Company had millions of LICENSED streaming and downloadable files in every category including entertainment, news, sports, music, movies and more, thereby creating a search engine for audio and video. It produced the Blair Witch 2 and Mission Impossible 2 online movie launches and so much more.

The company had raised $32M in Venture Capital from Rare Medium Group, Brentwood Venture Capital, Advantage Capital, SAC, Putnam, The McClatchy Company, Gannett Company, Roman Arch Fund, Phoenix Equity Partners, CNI Ventures, Prudential Securities Tailwind Capital and Thomas Weisel Partners.

It was headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, with offices in New York and Los Angeles. The company grew to 250 employees and a $100M valuation. We became known for producing the first ever Film and Music Festival on the Net with the awards ceremony at the Playboy Mansion. This led to us producing the Sundance Film Festival online.

“This Rudy “Never Quit” on his vision, that now has been updated to LIVE. We are beginning to assemble exactly the team to be a dominant player in the space. Exciting times!”

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