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Our Mission:

“StreamSearch connects consumers to all the best LIVE content on any network from any device”

StreamSearch, patent pending, reinvents itself and sets out to create a new media platform leveraging live internet video transmissions. We intend to help define this infant industry. Founded in 1999, now relaunched with the best of the old and optimized new and a dash of futuristic, many of the original team members who went off to run ventures of their own have rejoined the company in its rejuvenated mission. We have also set out to put the .LIVE extension on the map as the .com’s have become stagnant. “If It Moves, It’s .LIVE,” is our intention. LIVE has just begun and StreamSearch is uniquely positioned to be a dominant player in the space.

Our Team

StreamSearch LIVE™ (SSL) is a digital media technology firm focused on discovery, development, and distribution of live streaming and topical video content. The company’s proprietary technology includes search functionality optimized for live video streams (the SSL “Stream Engine™”), quality improvement tools for live-streaming content creators (SSL end-user “Streamers™”), and linear feed integration systems enhanced with machine intelligence (used by “Stream Directors™”).

SSL’s business development initiatives are based on supplying traditional media distributors as well as new over-the-top (OTT) platform operators with live-stream acquisition dashboards and unique unduplicated content to enhance their television programming and video offerings. SSL leverages its resources to produce high-quality exclusive live and near-live streaming content that appeals to younger viewers at a fraction of the cost of alternative origination methods. SSL original content genres span the range of proven live television formats and experimental categories.

SSL is headquartered in Tampa, FL with technical teams in China and India, as well as a growing number of regional content aggregation nodes and marketing locations globally. For more information, visit us at and follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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